Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Beginning of our Journey....Step 1

Muritai School has been a member of the 4D for Schools Programme since 2008. When a school joins the programme they are under an obligation to develop and implement a policy within a certain time frame. This policy sets out how we will provide for our dyslexic students. 

Muritai School is one of the first schools in New Zealand to have written a policy and is now busy putting the structures in place to implement it throughout all our classrooms. Click here to see Muritai School 's 4D status

The 4D Schools programme is designed to support new thinking on dyslexia in the Kiwi classroom, and help teachers take the simple steps necessary to ensure dyslexic students harness their potential.

This blog will endeavor to explain the steps we as a school have taken so far, and will plot our continuing progress as we embark on our journey to become one of the first Dyslexia Friendly schools in New Zealand.

To mark Dyslexia Action Week 2009 some of New Zealands most respected music industry figures came together to produce a single to raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia.

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