Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding a Platform to Keep Channels of Communication Open....Step 6

The next, and possibly one of the most important steps was to find an easy and consistent way to communicate to teachers, parents, children and other outside agencies. It is all very well having a policy written and ready to use but if everyone involved in working with our dyslexic learners are not aware of what the policy involves (including the children themselves) then it will not work.

With time for staff meetings swallowed up with a plethora of different issues it was clear that a different and more readily accessible platform for communication was needed. This came in the form of The Learning Den blog, based around the Learning Support programme here at Muritai School.

The Learning Den Blog
The purpose of this blog is to provide lots of useful information and links that can be used by students who are part of the Learning Support programme and their parents and teachers, both in the classroom and at home. It has direct links to this blog about our journey as a school to become dyslexia aware, many links to information about dyslexia and also a link for parents and the wider community to access our dyslexia policy (a requirement to be a part of the 4D for Schools Programme).

The Learning Den is also a place where teachers can access and share ideas about making adjustments in the classroom to support our dyslexic learners. It is also fully available to students who can listen to the posts if they want to and feel that they are part of the support system that is being put in place to help them be the best that they can be.

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