Monday, October 11, 2010

Useful Discussion Meetings....Step 4

Prior to drafting a Policy for Dyslexia to use at Muritai School I arranged several "discussion meetings" with both parents of dyslexic students and representatives from SPELD in our area.

The idea behind this was to get as much supporting information and viewpoints as possible from all of those people involved with the learning and well being of our dyslexic students. This would then enable us to gain a well rounded perspective of what was and was not achievable in terms of what could be included in a policy document and more importantly, what could feasibly be put into practice throughout our classrooms.

Parents offered insights into what had/had not been done well in the past and what we could do to make the changes that were needed to make their child's school experience as positive as possible. Discussions with SPELD representatives highlighted how vital consistency between themselves, schools and parents was if a dyslexic child's learning was to be the best it could possibly be.
Factors such as screening tests and assistive technology were discussed which proved very useful when adding these areas into a draft policy.

Overall, these discussion meetings were invaluable. They proved how important open channels of communication between everyone involved with a child's well being are if awareness of dyslexia is to be achieved.

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