Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beginning to implement a dyslexia policy - are you already doing it?

Before we really get to work on implementing our dyslexia policy here at Muritai School I have started to do a "stock take" of good practice that already takes place in order to further document our journey.

Just by looking back over our classroom blogs I am blown away by the amount effort that goes into planning visual and kinesthetic activities that really work for our children with dyslexic type learning needs and the resulting work that is the end product.

Take a look at these links from across the school to get a really good idea of some of the fantastic examples of how it really is possible to "get it right for all" children. 

New Entrants - investigation through hands on activities


  1. That's fantastic! Well done Sarah. A great collection of blog postings. We Rock!

  2. Well done Mrs R (and everyone else!) This is an impressive collection of work.

  3. You may have a new perspective by reading the articles in;

    Articles there tell you why dyslexics have a problem reading in English.
    Luqman Michel

  4. Excellent work Sarah. I agree with Stephen - you guys ROCK!

  5. Sarah - you continue to inspire us all with your thinking and the way you manage us to support the children struggling with their learning connections. Well done and a great sample of quality action.

  6. Thanks for the link Luqman, these articles offer some very interesting perspectives indeed. Great to have such input in The Learning Den!

  7. Great post. It's a shame that many public schools have a problem identifying dyslexia--often denying children a specialized education at a school for dyslexic students. It's Federal law that schools test for and identify pupils with's just not being done enough unfortunately.